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Dear Fellow Thinker,

Welcome to Gavriel’s Horn sponsored by Zenith Media Tracking. Gavriels’ Horn is a free, academic source that helps people cross-pollinate their thinking and to see the world from different angles. This cross-disciplinary site brings current ideas, perspectives, and concepts—thoughts—from leading thinkers. In easily digestible “thoughts” (i.e., blog posts), thinkers provide insight into contemporary issues from diverse perspectives. It is the design of this tool to gently poke, inspire, stretch, prod, entertain, and encourage new ideas. Sometimes, it is a fresh perspective that serves the human molecule best. Perhaps, this is part of the divine plan—people connecting to help one another grow.

The human molecule, a term I coined, functions much like elements in chemistry except the human molecule is comprised of, well, humans instead of elements. Like elements, humans add specific characteristics to the human molecule, which then takes on a compound-like form in that it changes depending on the number and type of elements. Sometimes all a human molecule needs to advance is the input from another element—a thought!  This is what Gavriel’s Horn is about: a place for the human molecule to grow and evolve.

There is a new cry in the marketplace today: Innovate or Die! In fact, our marketplace rapidly changes and evolves. Yet, the market rewards value in spite of economic woes (i.e., smart phones, the cloud, call-tracking, online education, social media, etc.). However, many of the perceived-as-valuable concepts today did not exist 5, 10 or 15 years ago—the iPhone, FaceBook or Google, respectively. Creating value is a quicker, more emergent process than ever before. People push and pull ideas to market using new tools faster than ever before—outsourcing manufacturing, merchandising, logistics, marketing, and accounting. The Internet and the cloud bring big power to not-yet-big, innovative people.

The question is how?
It is safe to say that the solution to today’s challenges cannot be found in yesterday’s answers. At Gavriel’s Horn, the human molecule connects, grows, and evolves. Diversity of thought has the power to spark innovation. Teachers may benefit from the ideas of a professor specializing in environmental architecture, and a business person may be inspired by the perspective of a university athletic director. Maybe, a student will have a break-through idea after reading something from a psychologist. What if the next big concept comes from a social worker reading thoughts from the dean of a business college? Valuable innovation will bloom; the human molecule grows when it is cross-pollinated with new elements.

We are glad you are here. We hope it helps you create value where you live. Your voice adds to our human molecule. If you have feedback for ways we can make this site better, please let us know.


Nicholas Markette


Gavriel’s Horn