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Thinking About Thinking


In recent research (Shraiky, Markette & Markette, in press), we explored what working graduate students valued most from their graduate education. Consistently, successful graduates from diverse masters programs ranging from design, business, nursing, and education noted that critical thinking was the most valuable benefit of graduate school. It gave us reason to ponder why haven’t…


We’ve Been Busy, But We’re Not Done

Patrick Orr

The flow of content hasn’t been as strong as previous months, but all of us at Gavriels-Horn are still excited to share our thoughts/ideas with everyone and hope that you’ll join us to do the same – after all, the human race has perpetually demonstrated that we operate better together as opposed to separate introverts. …

Don’t Just Track Activity – Drive Productivity & Profitability

Dr. John Mlinarcik

“This Call May Be Recorded For Quality Purposes” We’ve all heard this disclaimer from time to time, but what does it really mean?  Everything?  Or nothing. Many companies use call tracking and recording services to measure advertising response, capture caller information and monitor sales performance.  While tracking technology provides useful business intelligence, in most enterprises…

Innovation: A Class, an Experiment, a Prescription for What Ails Us!

Gavriels Horn. Sponsored by Callbutton

Take two Gavriel’s Horn and call me in the morning! This may soon be the prescription for what ails the U.S. economy and our aging minds—it is about innovation. This “thought” could also be entitled “A tribute to my innovation class that flourished in this grand experiment!” So prominent is the concept of innovation that…

The Passing of an Iconic Intellect

Patrick Orr

“There’s a lot of things that are risky right now, which is always a good sign, you can see through them you can see to the other side and go yes, this could be huge, but there’s a period of risk that, you know, nobody’s ever done it before…When you feel like that, that’s a…

No National Goal


I was amazed one final time in July to see the last Shuttle flight launched from Kennedy Space Center and happy to see the safe return of the astronauts but the strongest emotion was one of sadness.  That flight represented the last cord being cut from the start of manned flight in the 1960’s and…