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Psychological Hardiness & Emotional Intelligence

Mick LinkedIn (4)

A reflection by graduate student Mick Howland. I was reading an article the other day about a quote from Chinese President Xi Jinping stating that The Emotional Quotient is more important than the Intelligence Quotient. This is ironic coming from a leader of a nation that prides itself on educational standards and relentless pursuit of academic superiority. This brought me back to my…


Happy New Year! Forget writing resolutions…write your obituary.

Happy 2014!

Annually, people make resolutions only to quietly fail within weeks of January 1. How much do health clubs and gyms profit on failed resolutions? Behavioral economics and organizational research explains this and offers some ideas to overcome resolutions that do not stick. Behavioral economics research suggest decisions are generally emotion-based (see separate Nobel Prize winning…

Managing Conflict

Dr. Cory Dodd

What Happens When We Do Nothing In an influential 1982 Atlantic Monthly Article criminologists James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling put forth a ground-breaking proposition in what they called the “Broken Windows” theory.  In this thought-provoking investigation grounded in social psychology research the authors provide insights into common issues of in everyday life.  The…

Driving Online & Phone Traffic Over-the-Curb

Dr. John Mlinarcik

More about Personality (& Process) than Skill It’s no secret.  The automotive industry has been struggling when it comes to handling internet leads and phone-ups. As the hypothetical “UPs Bus” continues to run out of gas, our need to develop alternative methods of securing appointments and sales has become paramount. Having trained thousands of individuals…