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Gavriel’s Horn Specific: – Entries that delve into the nuts and bolts of the site.  What is the premise behind the implementation of Gavriel’s Horn?  What does the name mean?  Where is the site headed, and are there any changes I should be aware of?  All ideas/topics central to the formation and continuance of this site can be found here.

Business: – Leading thinkers give their thoughts on business related topics including (but not limited to): current markets and trends, political and legislative influences, and management theory.

Sciences: A broad spectrum of thoughts covering natural, formal, and social sciences.  Science is arguably one of the greatest feats of the human mind.  See what inferences the leading minds are drawing from these continually evolving fields.

Leadership– Not limited to the business realm.  Techniques, critiques, and theories surrounding effective leadership.

Athletics– Broad topic that includes nutrition, sports science, current sporting events, etc.

Uncategorized: – General discussions that don’t fall into a previously defined category.  (Note: postings from this category may be shifted as a result of other categories being added).

Education: Transmission of knowledge, skills, values, and culture.  This category delves into a macro view of education in societies and the techniques found most effective to facilitate greater transfers of knowledge.

Healthcare: A currently topical subject that encompasses the most effective methods of patient care, emergent discoveries, and analysis of health care ROI.

Technology: It is truly all around us and is also the only reason why we could create Gavriel’s Horn as a platform of knowledge.  Technology is perpetually forging the way we lead business and our personal lives, therefore, discussions on technological influences are extremely fascinating.

 The Arts: An index of our thinker’s discussing creative and imaginative branches of our culture.  Sub topics include: culinary arts, performing arts, and visual arts.