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FIFA World Cup 2014; Discover The Beautiful Game

Seven hundred million viewers. Seventeen million American participants. The Super Bowl? American football? Nope. The World Series and baseball, perhaps? No, again. If you suggested The World Cup and soccer, then you guessed correctly. Soccer, the world’s favorite sport, has quietly emerged as one of the most popular sports in America over the past 30 years. In fact, Major League Soccer (MLS)—the fastest growing league in the U.S.—now averages more per game attendance than the NBA and the NHL. Occasionally, vilified as not truly American, soccer may be the most American of all sports. The United States of America rose on democratic ideals where people of all backgrounds come together to build “America the Beautiful…” Soccer by its nature is egalitarian, multi-cultural, and as Pelé once said, “the beautiful game.” This summer, Brazil hosts World Cup 2014 providing the uninitiated sports enthusiast a chance to discover this beautiful game. (please go to FIFA World Cup 2014; Discover the Beautiful Game at Christian Sports Today to read more)

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