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Five Great Books for under $15


Looking for a good read to challenge or refresh your thinking? Here are five classics (or at least favorites) that range from simple to soulful. For less than $15, you can add all of these to your bookshelf—or tablet for you Millennials. The One Minute Manager (Blanchard & Johnson, 1982). This may be the first…


The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.


By Cali Pitchel, Belief Agency Martin Luther King, Jr. was a master orator. It is not uncommon to hear his name among other great communicators, including Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, and Barack Obama. His speeches were poignant, powerful, and beautifully delivered. He knew when to pause, when to repeat himself, and when to raise his…



We have all seen the news about our heroes who came and come home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Seeing the stories in the media is different than knowing these people firsthand. I have had the pleasure of knowing one of those heroes and watching his return to civilian life—the good and the disappointing. There is…