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Happy New Year! Forget writing resolutions…write your obituary.

Happy 2014!

Annually, people make resolutions only to quietly fail within weeks of January 1. How much do health clubs and gyms profit on failed resolutions? Behavioral economics and organizational research explains this and offers some ideas to overcome resolutions that do not stick. Behavioral economics research suggest decisions are generally emotion-based (see separate Nobel Prize winning…


Merry Christmas from Gavriel’s Horn.

Nativity scene

(from GH Archive) By the way, when did “Happy Holidays” replace the now controversial “Merry Christmas”? Consider two stories. In this past week, a group of young carolers were chased—not politely asked to leave—by a woman offended by the thought of Christmas; and a young man ringing a Salvation Army bell for the poor was…

Mandela’s Leadership Legacy: The Power of Grit

Nelson Mandela visiting Robben Island cell

In 1976, I was in 7th grade social studies when I first learned about caste systems and apartheid. I recall being completely dumbstruck thinking, “How could this be the case in the modern world?” After all, in 1976 we celebrated the country’s bicentennial! It was difficult for my 12 year-old mind to digest. For the…