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Rediscovering the Four Truths about Leading: Old Fashion Value

Businessmen Shaking Hands

A special thanks to Professor Rod Smith, Grand Canyon University, who prompted me to rediscover the classic work of James A. Autry, Love and Profit (1991). At a time when a new business book hits the shelves seemingly daily, Autry’s words still ring true. Perhaps, more true today than 20 years ago when he spoke…


Conflict and Safety: A Prescription for Innovative Teams


Has America turned into a country that fears conflict? In business, we go to great lengths to avoid offending anyone…everyone. In the name of political correctness, we may not authentically stand for our beliefs. You might even say this development is un-American. While it is important to be respectful, the lack of constructive conflict has…

Go Play!

Monkey Bars

A couple of years ago, Charlie Todd made an interesting point in his TED Talk, “The Shared Experience of Absurdity,” that as kids we were taught that play was a good thing. Why did play for play’s sake have value as kids, but not now as adults? Could playing have value in the adult world?…

Three Leadership Lessons from a Government Shut-Down

Cap Hill

If you consider authentic leadership to be a relationship where a leader helps people achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, then we are not seeing much leadership from our…um, well, leaders in D.C. However, the standoff in Washington is not without valuable lessons for students of leadership. Specifically, there are three lessons leaders should note. (1.)  Leadership starts…