Monthly Archives: September 2011

Building a Team Leadership Mindset

Dr. Cory Dodd

In the arena of leadership development you’ll find a vibrant and growing community of educators and and students.   Academic institutions vigorously continue to add programs involving various aspects of leadership, expanding the boundaries of leadership study and application.   All this might suggest a growing sophistication of leadership that should lead to producing more and better…


Applied Psychology: Adapting the “How” for the “Who”

mlinak photo

Have you ever wondered why, after utilizing innovative sales techniques and investing a large amount of money on various promotional schemes, your business volume has maintained status quo, or even declined?  More than likely there is one key element missing. You must look closely at your expertise in communications. Each of us has a primary…

Another View of Quacking

Kevin Photo (s)

I am blessed to have Dr. Ken Blanchard as one of my close friends and advisors.  He often tells the story of the difference between ducks and eagles.  Ducks park their brains at the door when they come to work.  Eagles engage their whole mind at work.  Ducks quack policy and corporate tag-lines while eagles…

Welcome to Gavriel’s Horn

Dr Nicholas J Markette

Dear Fellow Thinker, Welcome to Gavriel’s Horn sponsored by Callbutton. Gavriels’ Horn is a free, academic source that helps people cross-pollinate their thinking and to see the world from different angles. This cross-disciplinary site brings current ideas, perspectives, and concepts—thoughts—from leading thinkers. In easily digestible “thoughts” (i.e., blog posts), thinkers will provide insight into contemporary…